PSA is now live!

The platform has been selected! After viewing many options, Paul has begun to share his art through! provides a large number of options for direct-to-print purchases. Standard art print options exist, with surfaces ranging from metal to stretched canvas, and with dozens of frames and mat options. Even the framing and positioning of the photo on the printing area is customizable, meaning two people who buy the "same" product have great odds of getting something completely unique!

And that is just the Wall Art options. Shower curtains, journals, blankets, pillows, phone cases, and more can also be customized to display any of my published art. As possible, Paul is sampling a variety of these offerings to rate them for their individual quality and for the photo quality of the end product. detects resolution limits and provides impressive mapping to each product, showing not only accurate previews but it limits crop settings and overall dimensions available by each image.

This means a picture that might look beautiful on a Greeting Card won't look as good on a Tapestry. Not only do the previews help to establish that, but provides a Satisfaction Guarantee on the products they ship, with full confidence in the quality of their product line.

Customization possible - Contact Paul for variations on existing designs or new commisions

Love a picture? See all available products...

Preview images of many products with the same artwork

Love a product? See all available pictures...

Preview image of many different photo options on the same product

Purchase Report 1: Spiral Notebook

Final Vote? EXCELLENT purchase for self or gift. See "unwrapping" and testing results below...

Front cover of notebook

Arrives in Sleeve

Plastic sleeve keeps it pristine

Pocket in back on notebook

Includes Pocket

Room for business cards and more

Sample writing on page of notebook

Quality Paper

Doesn't bleed into subsequent pages

Paul's report:

When choosing the first few items to purchase myself from this website to test, it was an easy decision to include a spiral notebook. I myself have around half a dozen notebooks active at any time. One or two are mostly poetry and random thoughts. One is invention/business ideas. Another is to-do lists and long-term planning. I'm not the most organized with them, but I sure do appreciate them.

This notebook was the second item from my shipment to appear, but it was the first one I dug into to use immediately. I admit, my expectations were pretty low. I figured if the cover was decent quality and it looked good from the outside, what more could I really expect?

Image of cover without protective plastic
Zoomed in example of detail from prior image of cover

Same picture left and right. These unboxing images were taken with my phone camera, nothing special. This clarity and detail in a cell phone image helps demonstrate the quality of the cover.

Excellent. Beautiful cover with a truly crisp rendering of the image, just as I'd hoped when customizing the image for purchase.

As mentioned before, two people ordering the same item have excellent odds of getting a completely unique item. You can see I prioritized a dramatic sky when I ordered mine, but for someone wanting to focus on the actual Three Country Cairn (Treriksrøysa) the Zoom slider could be pushed farther to the right to look like this:

Most products allow custom zoom options. Some also allow choice of picture orientation and edge or frame options.

Screenshot of web interface to customize products

OK. Back to the point, the actual notebook I purchased, not the admittedly smooth and easy to use website.

Before I even tested a single pen, I gathered the variety you will see here in subsequent images. I purposefully chose pens I love and pens I've had issues with, especially on different types of paper. The sample was: 2 ballpoint pens of different ink and tip thickness; a mechanical pencil and a portion erased by the attached eraser; 3 sharpies of various ages and types; 1 fountain pen.

Every pen and marker used in test

Test Cohort

Sample writing close up

All pens wrote smoothly

Back side of written page has bleeding

Opposite bleed as expected

Nothing bled through to following page

No Sharpie on next page!

As I stated before, truly impressive results! I enjoyed the writing experience and the way the paper accepted the ink. I was neither rough nor gentle in the portion of 0.5mm lead I erased, and the only evidence on the following page I could find was impressions from the pencil.

The pencil writing impressions on the following page were visible to the eye but I couldn't get an image of the effect

Fresh sheet of paper zoomed in

The Verdict? I love this notebook. I am going to use this for myself as a primary notebook moving forward, and I plan to buy a couple more for quick gift options.

Anyone can use a notebook, and for those addicted to devices, writing ideas on paper can sometimes unlock an entirely different and creative thinking processes. Tune in soon for more purchase reports!

Coming soon - Purchase Report 2: Shower Curtain

Stay Tuned! I purchased Crossing The Creek as a Shower Curtain because I wanted it myself, but also to see the print quality at that size...

Coming soon - Purchase Report 3: Metal Wall Art Print

Stay Tuned - I purchased Lofoten Ascent as a 16"x16" Metal Print to see what Metal prints look like... WOW!

Coming soon - Purchase Report 4: Fleece Blanket

Stay Tuned - I purchased Snowy Footprints as a Fleece Blanket planning to use it as a concert/festival blanket...

That's right. My first purchase of 4 items of my own designs included a Shower Curtain, Blanket, Notebook, and Slab of Metal. I am a discerning artist with an expert eye. No really. I wanted each of these items if they were quality, and to know that I would truly recommend them.

So far, *no mild spoilers* from the still-to-come Purchase Reports above, but I'm pleased with everything so far!