About This Site

Do not listen to me

The first rule of visiting my site?

1: Do not listen to me
2: Do not listen to me
3: ...

All information here is for entertainment purposes. Any suggestions or recommendations made here are made primarily to allow for an educational way of sharing about different projects, technologies, or opinions. All investing actions you take in real life, whether following information found on this site or linked from this site, is 100% your decision and no guarantees are made about the results from any trade or service you use.

You don't get to hold me accountable for things I say. I am not a financial advisor, counselor, trained investor, trader, broker, or anything else that would add letters to the end of my name. I have no formal training or experience. I just happen to enjoy sharing things I learn with my friends and family and try to not go too far into debt exploring these things.

I post links, referral codes, may do some reviews, make forums, links to .crypto domain auctions, create or link to NFTs, create tokens of my own, and more. This site is for me first, then for the entertainment of others second.

Also, this is my site, so I can do what I want. If you don't like it, stop reading. There is enough content out there you will never run out without needing to bandy words. I may post a recipe. Or a motorcycle I like. If I choose to have a horror-themed sorority wine of the month club hosted at paulstanphill.com/scaredwinosluts...well, don't visit that page if it doesn't interest you.

So don't hold me accountable for any content found here. Do your own research, and if you find anything valuable or entertaining here, feel free to send ANY crypto to me that my paulstanphill.crypto wallet can receive. Cheers.

 It is especially important to me to share my biggest mistakes to provide a cautionary tale and hopefully prevent similar mistakes. As I live in the present with you, some of the things I post here may be poor financial decisions. Think of it as my version of live-tweeting since I don't do that. Mistakes are mistakes. Wise decisions are wise decisions. Being a nincompoop and falling into a luck break is about the best I can hope for most days, but I always try to learn from both the successes and the not-successes.

Choose to duplicate methods, processes, or strategies from me at your own risk and against my actual advice. I research, make decisions, and choose to pay for things on my own. You should do the same.

My intentions are pure, or I wouldn't write it. But I've also gone full FOMO into tokens before reading the whitepaper off the advice of a friend, so...